Somewhere in Mediterranean



The cradle of civilizations, where religions are born and lives happen on its coasts…

The sea around which the known history have begun and developed, and which witnessed many victories, defeats, misery and sorrow.

Having witnessed thousands of years of humanity, the Mediterranean becomes a scene for an unusual tragedy in the 21st century. Millions fleeing from wars, massacres, hunger, illness and poverty have left behind their land and home for a dream of reaching the continent of Europe through Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt. Those people who yearn for being safe and settled again, had to set sail for the “familiar” waters of the Mediterranean – Mare Nostrum (Latin for “the Sea of Ours”). However, neither shores nor the water were “familiar” or, in fact, “their”. Under the climate of destruction in which all that is “familiar” was wiped off, suddenly, the secure environment of shore turned into stormy water, and the water into the hell of the shore. In result, they found themselves in the middle of unearthliness. All what is encountered was not only the insecurity of water, but the cruelness of human traffickers they have met. Means of crossing the seas were rather meant to sink than to sail, thus it made their vacation a true chaos.

Other than those who were to succeed to the opposite shore, loss of lives are counted by thousands each year. Moreover, many who got lost in the sea are not even added in this number.

With the aim of drawing attention to such a human tragedy, UWAW (Underwater Art Works) have brought the following artists together, who create with similar concerns, with the theme SOMEWHERE IN MEDITERRANEAN;

  • Alp Çağpar
  • Bengiz Özdereli
  • İnci İyibaş
  • Nezir İçgören
  • Saner Gülsöken.

Curator of the exhibition is Mr. Rahmi Öğdül.

No opening ceremony, no cocktails neither a visit…

Just like the unknown places of the bodies lost in the Mediterranean, the location of this exhibition is indefinite; UWAW decided to share the video of the work on their website.

As having no inauguration organized, location of the exhibition is also secret. Different than the previous underwater activities organized by UWAW, it will not be able to visit the exhibition by snorkeling or scuba diving, and the art pieces will remain there for an unknown period of time.

Video about the exhibition’s preparation phase is available on